Do I Need Probate?


Probate is required after 50% of deaths. Our probate specialists can help you understand what probate is, and establish if you need it.  

Probate is needed after around half of all deaths in England and Wales. If just one bank, share register or other organisation says you need probate, you will require probate. 

If the deceased: 

  • had more than £50,000 in accounts at Barclays or Halifax, or 

  • had more than £25,000 in accounts at NatWest, or 

  • owned a property on their own, or 

  • owned shares worth more than £10,000 in a particular company

then probate will be required. 

The above is not a comprehensive list. There are other reasons why a grant may be required. If the grant isn't needed, it's because it's small amounts of money or the assets are held in joint names transferring over to the surviving partner. 

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